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Moverall.com is a comparison website where you can easliy compare and book moving companies. We work with almost all of the top moving companies in the Netherlands, making it easy for you to compare.

Benefits of Moverall.com

  • direct quoteThe only website where you will immediately receive an online quote.
  • direct compareNo more waiting until movers respond
  • fully onlineNo need for a home inspection
  • independentlyEach mover can join. We accept only professional movers.
  • voluntaryEven the reservation is free and will be talked over personally with you.
  • transparentFull specification of cost, time and materials.

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25 aug 2015
5 stars out of 5

Tim Kilcher

"Great service, quickly and I am very satisfied."

5 aug 2015
5 stars out of 5

Fred Vos Lin Pin

"Ik heb de verhuizing van mijn vrienden via Moverall.com geregeld. Ze hebben mij perfect goed geholpen, netjes tegenover de klant en alles was snel geregeld."

26 jul 2015
4 stars out of 5

Laura Cloosterman

"Klant contact goed."

Direct cost indication

At Moverall.com you will have an instant insight at the cost of your move. We give you a detailed overview of all the different aspects and what you can expect from the moving company.

Easy compare

Moverall.com is the only website in the Netherlands with a complet offer of moving companies. We made it easily for you to compare different movers on price, quality and availability.


At Moverall.com you can compare almost all the moving companies in the Netherlands. We have no affiliation with any moving company and we are completly transparent.


Moving company

At Moverall.com you will see all the moving companies that are available on your preferred move date.Moverall.com is the only independent comparison website for the moving industry providing you with complete transparency in costs and an instant price for your move. All the participating companies need to have a NIWO permission. This permission checks for solvency, reliability, professionalism and real location.

Expert advice

At moverall.com you can easily find and book your move online. If you do have questions, you moving coordinators would be happy to help you.

Independent authority

Moverall.com provides transparency in ratings and shows you clear prices. Moving companies don't need to do a pre-move survey at your home and make a quotation.