Checklist for your move

A good start is half the work. From the moment you’re aware of your upcoming move you can start preparing. Even after the move there are lots of things that need your attention. has compiled a checklist which consists of a number of phases related to a move:

  • What do you need to think about?
  • Who should know that you are going to move?
  • What do you need to know in advance for your new home?

Check 1: What do you need to think about?

Check 1, What do you need to think about? Click here to see the complete list including the termination of your rent or selling your property, measuring the new home, arranging the insurance and much more. Print out the list and use this to ensure that nothing is overlooked.

  • Terminating the rent / selling the property
  • Measuring the new home
  • Arranging insurance
  • Arranging gas, water and light
  • Sending address changes
  • Requesting multiple quotations for your upcoming move
  • Planning a date for your relocation
  • Tidying up and disposing of what you do not need
  • Arranging moving boxes and blankets
  • Arranging the transport
  • Arranging storage (if needed)
  • Timely start packing up
  • Disassembling furniture in time
  • Cleaning the old and new house
  • Asking friends and family to help
  • Arranging care of children / pets on the day of the move
  • Arranging meals for the day of the move
  • Getting enough cash at home
  • Emptying and cleaning refrigerator and freezer
  • Cleaning and securing washing machine
  • Taking down the curtains and other hanging items
  • Keeping important papers separately
  • Checking rooms to ensure nothing is forgotten
  • Recording the meter readings
  • Shuting off gas and electricity
  • Handing in old keys
  • Duplicating new keys

Check 2: Who?

Check 2, Who needs to know about your move? Do not forget to inform relatives, municipalities, the doctor and the health insurer about the change of address. The total overview can be found here.

  • Relatives
  • Friends and acquaintances
  • Neighbors
  • Employer and colleagues
  • (Business) relationships
  • Municipalities
  • General practitioner
  • Specialist
  • Dentist
  • Health Insurance
  • Church
  • Notary
  • Bank
  • Insurance companies
  • Insurance intermediaries
  • Garage / car dealer
  • Associations
  • Trade union
  • School and degree programs
  • Mail order companies
  • Dailies
  • Weeklies
  • Magazines
  • Book club
  • TV Guide
  • Tax Office
  • Central office motor vehicle tax
  • Savings programs (such as Airmiles)

Check 3: What do you need to know in advance for your new home?

Check 3, What do need to know in advance for your new home? Do not forget to measure the sizes of all rooms. Where and how many electrical outlets are there. And when was the chimney swept for the last time? These tips and more.

  • Sizes of all the rooms and other spaces
  • Height and width of all windows
  • Possibility to attach blinds
  • Available space for refrigerator
  • Available space for gas cooker
  • Place connection Central Antenna System and distance to the place where you want to place radio and TV
  • Number and position of electrical outlets
  • Requirements of landlord
  • Requirements of municipality for placement antennas
  • Dates and times of the trash collection?
  • Is there a connection to the gas network or not?
  • Is your new home connected to district heating?
  • When was the chimney swept for the last time?
  • Is there a special connection for electric cooking?
  • Is keeping pets allowed in your new home?

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