What is a certified mover?

An assurance for you, but for what?

If you are moving in The Netherlands with a recognised mover, you can count on a couple of important warranties. The warranty certificate is automatically applied to your move. This certificate offers you the following 3 warranties:

1. Extensive move insurance

A recognised mover insures your household goods during the move for €100.000. Your household goods are insured based on the new value. The warranty certificate serves as the insurance policy. You can check the insurance terms in the Terms & Conditons 2006.

2. Removal warranty

In the event that your recognised mover falls into bankruptcy or has a payment suspension, your move will be handled by another recognised mover. As soon as you apply, the organization of recognised movers will arrange another recognised mover who, with urgency, can perform the removal. This way your schedule stays intact and your move is guaranteed to take place. Consequential damages are excluded.

3. Deposit warranty

The deposit warranty on your move guarantees your deposit to a maximum of 25% of the removal price and is guaranteed by the Organisation of Recognised Movers provided you have used a recognised mover. This guarantee has a maximum of €1000 and only applies in case the mover goes bankrupt or has a payment suspension ., -

Only recognised movers offers these warranties. You do need to meet a set of requirements to make use of these warranties.

You have the option to, for a small fee, have your removal done C02-neutral. This is connected to the warranty certificate of recognised movers.

The movers that perform your move have been specially trained for this. The Organisation of Recognised Movers has set-up an educational institute, removal college, and training in communication, the right use of body and all other facets of moving. This way you are assured that you are working with movers that know what to do.


OMNI stands for “Overseas Moving Network International” and is a cooperation between independent movers who are among the leading companies in their country. Because of this intensive cooperation, international logistic problems are being solved and standardised.

OMNI (Overseas Moving Network International) is a global network of the world's leading international relocation and moving specialists.

OMNI companies are market leaders in their own countries that have joined together to provide a network of excellence worldwide providing the best service the industry can offer. The close working relationships amongst the OMNI trading partners are built on personal and professional trust in each-other's competence, integrity and local knowledge. Unlike multinational moving giants, OMNI partners work together out of choice not obligation. This ensures that each company maintains the desire to provide excellent service and that only the world's finest companies remain part of the network.

Until recently OMNI insisted that all its members achieve the FAIM quality standard as one of the minimum requirements for OMNI membership. This regulation has now been relaxed to provide members with greater flexibility and to acknowledge the limitations and commercial realities of working in some remote regions. OMNI does, however, insist that all its members meet strict quality standards in terms of facilities, training, administration and operational competence, and that all its members provide adequate financial assurances to their network partners. The FAIM Standard is still held by the majority of OMNI members out of choice.

OMNI Members provide:

  • Complete local and international relocation services;
  • International removal services by road, sea and air;
  • Verified service to internationally-approved standards;
  • Secure storage;
  • Comprehensive insurance;
  • Local knowledge at destination for smooth customs clearance and delivery to inland destinations.

Source: www.omnimoving.com


The International Association of Movers (IAM) is the moving and forwarding industry's largest global trade association. With more than 2,000 members, it comprises companies that provide moving, forwarding, shipping, logistics, and related services in more than 170 countries. Since 1962, IAM has been promoting the growth and success of its members by offering programs, resources, membership protections, and unparalleled networking opportunities to enhance their businesses and their brands.

Source: www.iamovers.org


FIDI is the largest global cooperative organization for the moving industry. It is fully focused on quality, reliability, and continuity. FIDI was founded in 1950 and is internationally recognised as the most qualitative moving federation.

FAIM (FIDI Accredited International Movers) is the most stringent, all encompassing quality programme for the international moving industry, recognised for more than a decade as the supreme seal of quality by globally mobile customers.

Over the last 40 years, the world's interconnectivity has significantly increased and so has the demand from a globally mobile customer base for consistently high quality international moving services.

The FIDI Global Alliance acknowledged this demand by developing the FAIM Quality Management Programme.

This programme is based on 'The FAIM Standard', over 200 defined quality requirements covering a company's operations and services to customers and an associated 'FAIM Certification Programme' designed to ensure each FIDI-FAIM certified company maintains this expected high level of quality at all times.

Source: www.fidi.org

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