Frequently asked questions

On this page you can find answers to frequently asked questions.

You have reserved or booked a moving company for your move at We assume that the moving company will be able to park the truck in front of the house and that parking permit or street occupancy permit, if apply, have been arranged by you. Arrange these permits in time, it could take up to 2 weeks. If you haven’t done this the removal company could help you with this. The cost of these permits are not included in the offer.

If a garbage truck is able to access the street, a removal truck is also able to do so. In some cases road blocks such as posts have to be removed, a street needs to be closed down or the municipality needs to arrange a traffic redirection.

Do you live above a shop or in a shopping area? Than in most cases a no parking rule applies and loading and unloading can only be done in the morning. A solution is to start early so that the moving company is finished before the shops are open. Discuss this with the moving company, they are experienced in this.

Moving just the large items is also an option for most moving companies. The difficult and heavy work can be done by them while you save on the costs of your move.

It can be a piano, a couple of cabinets or a washing machine. You will pay per hour and you can decide on the day of the move how much you spend. This gives you total flexibility.

In principal everything that could fit in a box should be moved in a box. Books, tableware etc. is obvious but also larger items such as vases, a tennis racket, posters, small planks, small mirrors etc. can best be packed in a move box.


First of all a move box protects. The risk of damage is reduced. But second and even as important is that a move box can be easily transported. It’s much quicker than lose items. It’s also more efficient regarding the stacking in the removal truck. All the space in the truck is used and furniture is better protected against moving.

The internet is full with persons or companies who, under the most fetching names, ‘help’ you with your removal for attractive prices. Don’t be misled.

Of course there are exceptions but removal is a profession. Experienced movers have professional qualifications and use modern equipment. They are also well insured and DO show up on the day of the removal.

Nowadays it happens more and more that these student movers don’t show up on the day of the move or change the day of the move on the last moment.

Thinks to check before moving:
  • Check the reviews of other customers
  • Is the company a Recognized Mover?
  • How about the insurance during the move?
  • Reliability of the moving company?
  • Is there an policy excess regarding damage during the move?
  • Does the removal company owe a transport license?

When the price for the move is too good to be true, it probably is! is an independent platform where removal companies can register. We first check on all the above criteria to make it clear and transparent for you.

If you are moving in The Netherlands with a recognised mover, you can count on a couple of important warranties. The warranty certificate is automatically applied to your move. This certificate offers you the following 3 warranties: extensive move insurance, removal warranty and deposit warranty

On you can easily calculate your moving costs and book the moving company. Our moving coordinators will contact you after you made the booking. They will then calculate the costs of storage together with you.

The costs of your move consist of a number of parts. These parts are for instance the amount of working hours, the distance between the two houses, equipment such as moving boxes and in some cases the moving elevator and the insurance.