How can I save on my move?

You pay for the actual number of hours that the moving team has worked for you. So it is well worth it to prepare your move properly so the number of hours is limited.

How can you save money?

  • Call the municipality to check whether anything is going on in your street which would render the street inaccessible and prevent us from parking the moving van in front of your door (applies to both addresses) on the moving day (think of a market, road works etc.)
  • Check with the municipality if a parking permit or exemption is necessary for the moving van and if so, arrange this directly.
  • Inform your neighbours and ask whether they will vacate/leave available the parking space in front of your home on the moving day.
  • Place a few cars belonging to yourself or friends in front of your home to ensure that there will be space for the moving van.
  • If there are friends or family to help you, discuss exactly what you expect from them and what time they should be present.
  • Arrange a babysitter for children and pets. Do not use bags, garbage bags etc. Pack all small items in moving boxes.
  • Zorg ervoor dat alles is ingepakt voor de verhuisdag. Op de verhuisdag heeft u daar geen tijd voor.
  • Make sure everything is packed before the moving day. On the moving day itself, there is no time for packing.
  • Disassemble beds and wardrobes. Number/label the parts and put them in 1 box so they are easy to find after the move.
  • If you drive a lot to your new home, take some moving boxes with you each time.
  • Put as much as possible ready on the ground or in the garage. That saves a lot of time for the movers.

On the moving day

  • Discuss first with the foreman of the removal team what you expect from them and what can be expected from friends who help.
  • The movers are service oriented. Where appropriate they help you with the move. So be specific and clear so that no service is given, which is not desirable.
  • All heavy items can be brought upstairs by the movers. If you have a garage or a large living room, you can allow the movers to place most of the boxes in there which can quickly save over € 100,-.
  • Let the help that you have enabled for the cleaning, unpacking boxes, etc. come in after the movers are done

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